Branding for Business

Having recently posted two articles on finding your niche that you are passionate about so you may live happily creating a business that aligns with your personal interests
today I want to address “branding for business“.
Back a few posts ago I wrote on discovering your niche. Once you feel fantastic and […]

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Life Coach Wendy

I am a life coach who despite being advised to choose a narrow and specific niche am diversified with experience in many life situations.
My bio includes:

certified life coach, divorce coach and business coach using law of attraction processes and techniques combined with past experience.
business owner of 2 separate companies.
direct sales with women’s fashions.
network marketing […]

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Releasing Anger to Embrace Love

If you are experiencing negative emotions in regards to a specific person that you feel affected your life, I am here to share my story of how you may be able to eliminate your anger and resentment towards that person, and embrace love.
You are responsible for your own emotions […]

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Find Your Niche – Part 2

Last week I posted about the first step in Find Your Niche – Part 1 so I am going to assume you have gone through the brainstorming process (if not, go back to the previous post).
Hopefully you have found some topics that you truly feel passionate about.  As you delve deeper into these specific […]

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Find Your Niche – Part 1

I often coach people having a problem with determining their niche. I can certainly relate to this, since it took me a while with some real soul searching before I was suddenly “awakened” to a passion I had hidden for over 40 years.
Since my life was turned upside down at […]

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Another Day in the Life of an Entrepreneur

It’s Sunday evening and, as I sit on my balcony, listening to the sounds of motor boats on the lake, watching water skiers enjoying the last of the daylight and calm waters, hearing the birds chirping their evening songs, I truly consider myself extremely fortunate.
My day began with a trail ride with my husband, riding […]

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Online Marketing with Integrity

Well, today was certainly an interesting day!  It started off with a call this morning from an online marketer.
That should have been my first clue, since I don’t give my phone number out, someone was doing some digging, or perhaps purchasing name and numbers from someone with little integrity.  Anyway, to their credit they introduced […]

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How to Succeed in Marketing

Why do some marketers make it big, and others who have better products never succeed, or give up before they succeed?

Get REALLY clear on your vision for success.
Write down your vision in a clear, concise statement and refer to it daily.
Create a step-by-step process to focus upon.
Stay focused.  Your business success depends […]

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I love that word “BRAINSTORMING”.
Our minds collect so many thoughts in a day and the clutter that filters in can feel like your rain is storming all the time.
The actual “act” of brainstorming, for me, is to take those thoughts that are rattling around in my head and formulate them into specific words or […]

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Positive Energy

What is the first thing you think of when you awaken? Are you excited, enthusiastic to greet the day and rejoice in whatever comes your way?

Positive thoughts attract positive feelings, that create positive actions that attract positive results.

That is the Law of Attraction – plain and simple.
As you think of something […]

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