All I Want for Christmas …

All I want for Christmas is for the people I love to feel happiness in their heart, a spark in their soul, laughter on their lips, love in their eyes and never ending peace in their life.  I grew up believing thoughts like this were far fetched, unattainable, airy-fairy.  But how I was raised and what I know now are very different.

My life, my vibration, thoughts and actions belong to me and because they belong to me I can want whatever I want. I can want World peace, politicians who don’t lie, cheat or spend our hard earned money like it was nothing. I can want children who are raised in secure loving homes with food in their belly and a roof over their heads.  I can want everyone to love one another, respect each other, appreciate each other and communicate effectively. I can want equality for all, abundance without ever feeling lack, sounds of laughter everywhere, and I can expect to receive it all.

I created my reality.  My life purpose was pre-designed.  I have a reason for everything I do.

CollectivelyFrom my house to yours we could have all the things I’ve listed above if, or when we choose it.  If each of us stopped long enough to really get quiet with our soul awareness, listened to what it is wanting and let go of the limiting beliefs we were raised believing we could change the world.  There is no reason we couldn’t have peace, joy and happiness.

Today though I choose to just want the people I know and love to experience and feel joy if for only Christmas day. I hope they have a spark ignited in their soul that brings smiles to their faces and laughter on their lips.  I hope they stop to feel how much they are loved and appreciated.  I hope they know I will always be there for them if they need me.  That’s all I want for Christmas.

Merry Christmas my friends from me. If Christmas is not what you celebrate take no offence to my sentiments or beliefs. They belong to me and I allow you to have yours, whatever they may be.  Love and peace to all!

From my house to yours

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  • Posted by Donna Merrill on December 06, 2013 at 8:54 pm

    Wonderful Wendy!

    I know I can’t change the world with a magic wand. But every thought, every action I can spread to others for joy in their hearts and peace in their minds is what I can do.

    What I want for Christmas is to spread the love and raise vibrations wherever I go.

    At a tree lighting ceremony I went to tonight, it was such a gala affair. I noticed an elder lady dancing alone in front of a jazz band. I immediately went over an danced with her. A complete stranger….but we hugged and felt uplifted.

    Those special moments I want for Christmas!


    • Posted by Wendy on December 06, 2013 at 9:18 pm

      And I know you DO spread joy to others Donna. It is the simple moments that show up daily we have the opportunity to make a difference if we just take positive action. Good for you dancing with a stranger! And why not? What holds most back is self criticism or fear of criticism instead of enjoying the moment.