Life challenges

Photo by vanlee39

Life challenges us regularly!  Often when we seem to be cruising along day by day, CRASH, we smack up against a challenge.  The truth is; without life challenges who would we be?  Life without change would be pretty mundane.
Contrast, or life challenges are an opportunity to stretch our muscles physically, mentally and spiritually.  The tougher […]

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Marketing for Profit Online

I googled window shopping images and this picture is the one I chose randomly. It is from

Marketing for profit online has become the mainstream business strategy for most companies. This is what you need to know.  Phrases and/or words that look different from the rest of the words, or you are asked to click on have a link attached.  These links usually take you to another place related to what you […]

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All I Want for Christmas …

From my house to yours

All I want for Christmas is for the people I love to feel happiness in their heart, a spark in their soul, laughter on their lips, love in their eyes and never ending peace in their life.  I grew up believing thoughts like this were far fetched, unattainable, airy-fairy.  But how I was raised and […]

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Happiness Is Being Your Authentic Self

Happiness is being your authentic self.  Happiness is sharing laughter, honesty, the true essence of who we are with someone who listens empathetically, being supportive.  Happiness is feeling we matter just the way we are.  Happiness is sharing activities with others who enjoy the same activities.  Happiness is sharing silence comfortably without the need for […]

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Hot, healthy, happy women over 50

No mid-life crisis for hot, healthy, happy women over 50! Only laughter, good times and feeling fit while being fully able to do what we love to do – that’s what the second half of life is for.
Most of the women who grew up in the 40’s, 50’s and early 60’s were raised to believe […]

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How to master your mistakes and become a master in life


Learn how to master your mistakes and become a master in life – your life!  Live life by design, not by fault.  Your present conditioning, beliefs and circumstances are the result of your past.  What you think you know and how you feel about your self is how your mind perceives it to be.  Change […]

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Law of Attraction Life Coaching

TheSecret by Rhonda Byrne

Law of attraction life coaching can inspire, motivate and support you in becoming successful attracting what you want instead of wasting time with what you don’t need.
The term life coaching may be a new concept especially law of attraction life coaching. I thought so too 4 years ago. I’d heard about ‘THE SECRET’, in fact […]

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Successful Entrepreneur Tips

Successful entrepreneurs realize that with today’s vast exposure world-wide their message must be specific, decisive,and consistent while offering value that stands out.  Unless well known, a large franchise or extremely efficient as a marketer, no matter how great the information you have, you are only a little splash in a big pond.

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Inspirational Women Making a Difference

Every moment of our lives are influenced by who, what, where and how we perceive what we hear, see and do.  You may have heard; “if you want success, surround yourself with successful people”.  By surrounding ourselves with like-minded authentic successful people you are influenced. We have the opportunity to ask questions and learn from […]

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